Solid Hardwood

Why Use Pre-Finished Hardwood?

The short answer is no muss, no fuss. The finish is applied at the factory, and all you do is nail it down and you’re done. Generally speaking, due to mass production pre-finished hardwood costs less overall.

Unfinished hardwood first needs to be nailed and then sanded, which creates lots of fine dust that is a challenge to clean. Then stain and a final finish is applied. This process generally costs more than pre-finished flooring because of the labor and adds time to the household disruption while each layer dries. Also, if anyone in your household has respiratory issues, using pre-finished flooring is the safest choice for their health.

With pre-finished hardwood, the urethane finish is applied under factory controlled conditions using multiple thin coats. The urethane is instantly cured, first with UV lighting and then a ceramic based material, usually aluminum oxide, is mixed into the urethane which in turn makes the water-based urethane much more rugged and abrasion resistant. the result is a floors that will hold it’s original beauty longer than a job-sanded-on-site application.