What to Expect from Your Installation

Once you’ve decided on the style, color and type of flooring you would like in your home, here’s what you can expect for next steps.


By now we have visited your home or the job site to inspect the area the new flooring is going in, as well as doing a formal measurement and consultation. We have also given you an estimate of the cost and discussed a specific timeline with you for the installation.

Before work begins, remove all furniture, and other items from the room. We highly recommend using a licensed professional when needed (I.E. Gas appliances, toilets, etc.) For wood and laminate installations, the new flooring will need to acclimate to your home, which will vary depending on the product. Additionally, if you have any leaks that need to be taken care of, that will need to be fixed before the new flooring can be laid.


If the floors are being sanded, or if glue is needed, be prepared for some noise or an odor. When installing wood flooring, installers will set up outside when possible; however, you should still expect a small amount of dust to collect as the flooring is installed. Once the installation of your new floor is complete, we may advise you to stay off the new flooring for a short period of time to allow any adhesives that were used to fully dry. Timelines for staying off the new floor vary depending on the type of product we are installing for you.


You can now begin moving your furniture back into the room, and having any appliances reinstalled as needed. If you have wood floors installed, consider investing in felt pads, which we sell, for the bottom of your furniture to reduce the risk of scratches.