Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Even though it’s been around for decades, luxury vinyl tile is gaining traction in the flooring industry. Consumers love how versatile the product is, and thanks to technology, it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish hardwood from vinyl plank.

Many people are drawn to LVT which closely mimics the look and feel of traditional stone or hardwood flooring, and for good reasons!

It’s Beautiful
Luxury vinyl tile has come a long way in the past few years in terms of aesthetics. With its photorealistic imaging layer LVT can pass for today’s high-quality flooring like hardwoods, ceramic tiles, limestone, marble, slate, parquet, and many others. The titles can even be laid with grout!

LVTs are unique in that there are limitless design options and choices include a spectrum of styles, colors, textures and patterns.. Because what you see is an image meticulously printed to resemble the look of other luxury materials, you can find the right unique look for your home.

LVTs are also soft and warn underfoot, perfect for Wisconsin winters!

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Built To Last
Aside from looks, LVTs are tough as nails and built to last longer and be more resistant to damage than traditional stone, ceramic, or hardwood. LVTs are coated with urethane, have multiple layers and resilient backing, making them resistant to scratches, scuffs, marks, stains, and indentations. This is ideal for homes with children or pets and great in high-traffic living spaces. Since LVTs won’t chip, warp, or yellow over time, they are the perfect long-lasting flooring material for your house.


Water Resistant
Worried about moisture? Not only does LVT flooring resist scratching, it’s also extremely water resistant. This makes it ideal for high-moisture areas such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Easy To Maintain
Because LVTs won’t stain, warp, or yellow over time, a simple mopping with water and cleaner is the only maintenance needed.

If a plank becomes damaged, you can replace that one piece without having to tear up the whole floor. For this reason we recommend buying an extra 10% of tile in case you need it for future repairs.


The price of vinyl floors is ideal for tight or moderate budgets. Factors that influence cost include brand, design and thickness. luxury vinyl flooring offers all the natural beauty of natural wood floors, but is almost indistinguishable from hardwood and is as much as 1/3 the cost of hardwood to purchase and install. If you want the look and feel of natural materials without breaking the bank, LVTs may be for you!

Although we are flooring installation experts, we understand that not everyone wants to hire a professional. Do-it-yourselfers will love the ease in which LVTs install via glue-down, click and lock, loose lay, or peel and stick methods.


Can you have the look, graining, and character of real hardwood in vinyl tile flooring? Absolutely! Stop by our showrooms in Madison or Brodhead to check out samples and consult with our experts to see if luxury vinyl tile is right for your home improvement project.