5 Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Your hardwood floors may seem as though they are tough enough to withstand almost anything. In fact, hardwood floors can face damage just like carpet or tile. Simply walking on hardwood floors enough can change its beautiful look. Here are 5 tips you should know for maintaining your hardwood floors.

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Remove Water Immediately

Water can wreak havoc on hardwood floors. Water damage will not only warp your hardwood floors, but it can also ruin their finish. Make sure to immediately wipe up any spills. If your home has potted plants, make sure to place trays under them to prevent leaking. Also, close your windows when it rains.

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Vacuum your floor every week

Just like carpeting, hardwood floors need to be vacuumed as well. Your hardwood floors collect quite a bit of fine grit from under your shoes, and can slowly wear down your finish. Some vacuums may scratch the floors, which is why we recommend using a dust mop or a microfiber sweeper such as a Swiffer.

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Understand the rules about waxes and refinishers

If your hardwood floors have a wax finish, you may already know that adding more wax can revive your floors finish. However, know not to use wax on a surface finish such as varnish, shellac, or polyurethane. Not only does it interfere with later finishes, but it also makes your floors way too slippery.


Use rugs

Rugs not only add personality to a home, they also serve a purpose. You can use rugs to protect your hardwood floors in high-traffic areas such as your front doorway and by the kitchen sink. We recommend using extra-long doormats for your front door as it is one of the highest-traffic areas in most homes. A 4- to 6-foot-long door mat will rub off the dirt and moisture from shoes better as you walk in.

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Remove residues with a no-wax wood floor cleaner

No-wax wood floor cleaners are incredibly handy for many spills and dirt buildups. Liquids and dirt can stain and damage your hardwood floors. As soon as the problem arises, grab this handy cleaner and wipe up the area and you’re good to go.

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