What Exactly are Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

If you’re looking to replace or install new flooring, you may have heard of luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs). But what are they exactly? And why should you care? Well, for starters, LVTs are made to look exactly like today’s high quality favorite flooring materials such as hardwoods, ceramic tiles, limestone, marble, slate, parquet, and many others – and sometimes at a lower price.

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Okay, so these LVTs look like other luxury materials, but why should I use LVTs over the real thing? LVTs are unique in that there are limitless design options. Because what you see is an image meticulously printed to resemble the look of other luxury materials, you can always find the right look for your home. Aside from looks, LVTs are built to last longer and be more resistant to damage than conventional materials such as stone, ceramic, or hardwood. LVTs are made up of several layers, making them resistant to scratches, scuffs, marks, stains, and indentations. This is ideal for homes with children or pets.

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Worried about moisture? No need to fret. LVTs are naturally moisture-resistant. But what about a few years from installation? How do they hold up? LVTs won’t chip, warp, or yellow over time, making them the perfect long-lasting flooring material for your home. Also, maintenance is a breeze! Because LVTs won’t stain, warp, or yellow over time, a simple damp-mopping with water and cleaner is the only maintenance needed. Installation is also a piece of cake! Due to their thinness, LVTs can be installed over most existing surfaces. They can either be glued down or floated.

The next time you or someone you know is looking for a luxurious look for their home, remember the benefits of using luxury vinyl tiles! For all of your flooring needs, contact the BEST flooring company in Madison, WI or stop by our showroom floor!

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