About Us

We are focused on a select group of reliable products. We emphasize service, knowledge and the ability to help you get started, whether you are going to install the flooring yourself or have it professionally installed by someone with significant flooring experience, like Floors For Less.

Our Floors for Less team brings over 30 years of product knowledge and experience with hardwood flooring, wood floor installation and floor refinishing and repair. Locally owned since September 2014, we have expanded the business to include many new types of flooring, including Carpet, Laminate, Engineered & Solid Hardwood, Tile, LVP and LVT. We also provide flooring services such as sanding and refinishing of existing floors.

We buy our products directly from the factory (see our manufacturers list), so our prices provide a real savings without resorting to a sale on inflated prices. However, low prices don’t matter unless the flooring is good. Low-end flooring quickly looks dirty and old, and in the long run most people regret choosing it ... It just doesn’t perform well.

We have 2 locations to serve you. Madison and Brodhead

Good flooring at great prices adds to the beauty and value of any home, so contact us or call Floors for Less in Madison at 608-442-1200 or Brodhead at 608-897-9595 to see the beauty and value we can add to YOUR home!