Our Floors for Less team brings over 30 years of product knowledge and experience with multiple flooring types and installation as well as floor refinishing and repair. Locally owned and operated we offer Carpet, Laminate, Engineered & Solid Hardwood, Tile, Stacked Stone, and Luxury Vinyl. We offer factory direct pricing to provide a real savings without resorting to a sale on inflated prices.

  • Hardwood
    While real hardwood floors offers the most natural look and long term beauty and warmth, it can be expensive to install and repair. New floor technologies offer the same (or similar) beauty, with a variety of benefits and cost advantages.

  • Laminate
    At prices as much as 50% less than natural hardwood floors, laminate flooring is cheaper to install and maintain, and is far more durable, especially for families and heavy traffic areas.

  • Engineered Wood
    By combining a natural hardwood veneer with a plywood base, engineered wood flooring offers a variety of advantages in terms of price, ease of installation and long term durability, but is far less ideal for high traffic areas, and can pose additional repair challenges, particularly if exposed to excess moisture

  • Tile
    Tile flooring offers tremendous versatility, and while wood tiles can offer the same natural beauty of hard wood floors, with great durability lower cost advantages for purchase and installation, floor tiles can also take the look of natural stone, ceramic or almost any physical appearance you could want. These advantages are offset by tile floors being less warm and quiet, as compared with natural wood, as well as maintenance issues associated with dirt, grout and mildew.

  • Stacked Stone
    Stacked Stone Ledger Panels can be used for walls, backsplashes, fireplaces and other indoor applications. They are installed into a mortar backing, and create a beautiful accent piece, or stone to an existing fireplace.

  • Carpet
    While nothing offers the comfort and insulation against both hot and cold weather like carpeting, it is only slightly less to purchase and install than wood floors, is far less durable and more costly to maintain or repair.

  • Luxury Vinyl
    Luxury Vinyl offers many of the advantages of both hardwood flooring and tile: luxury vinyl flooring offers all the natural beauty of natural wood floors, but is almost indistinguishable from hardwood and is as much as 1/3 the cost of hardwood to purchase and install (yet only slightly more expensive than laminate or tile floors), highly resistant to moisture, durability that makes it perfect for high traffic areas and commercial flooring, yet is easy to maintain, and VERY environmentally friendly! It is also available in non-wood tile looks in both floating and glue down applications.

  • Installation
    No matter what type of flooring best suits your home and lifestyle, Floors For Less can not only deliver discount flooring for less, but can professionally install, replace or repair ALL types of flooring for your home OR business.

Our showrooms are full of display boards and samples to give you a taste of what your new flooring will look like. Call our Madison store at 608-442-1200, our Brodhead store at 608-897-9595 or contact us through email today to see how we can help you choose the best flooring for your home or business


Special Offers

  • Gravity Loose Lay LVP

  • Fury Rigid Core LVP

  • Woodstone Rigidcore LVP

  • Avalon Glue Down Commerical LVP